What’s here?  A couple of things: criticism, reflection, and etc. about reading and writing poetry; sometimes social commentary creeps in; and every once in a while, I’ll post a (or part of a) poem here… but I am trying to get them published, after all.

What’s my authority? I am currently in the second year of an MFA in Poetry, at ODU.  I have finished my MFA, taught briefly (1 semester) Intro to Literature and Composition courses at the college level, and I founded and edit a Literary Magazine.  I’ve published a couple of things in very tiny venues, and have been making great progress in my writing (at least, I see a difference). Check out my CV (—–> over there) for details.

– Eric

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  1. Hi,
    Finally have some time (yeah summer vacation!) so spend time here. You’re blog is intelligent, interesting, and literate. I finally did the pain/body exercise this week and am going NOW to reflect on it. I’ll post as soon. Happy to be following you.

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