Thoughts: End-of-Semester Overload

So I’ve spent the last few days trying to forget the near self-implosion of burnout caused by not turning hardly anything in on time this semester.

This was mostly attempted through trying to melt brain cells with vast quantities of entire TV seasons through Netflix, along with ignoring responsibilities such as cleaning the apartment, waking up at any reasonable hour, and eating when any normal person would think to, such as when hunger arises.  Alas, I had to resurrect some sense of responsibility today by taking a shower and paying some bills…

This has also brought me around to reading poetry again, which I’ll be posting on again shortly.  Look out for thoughts on some of the books on the list.

I’ve also just realized that I now have a two-foot pile of books I have to find a home for.  I’m considering giving some of them out to readers here, so keep an eye open.