Entering a New Space

So this is blog variation number gazillion.  I made a home at Virb.com for a while, but then they went pay for play, and I am pretty sure I lost all my content.  Like having a door shut firmly in your face by a new, exciting, but taciturn friend.  At any rate, I’ve also been maintaining (kind of) a space at Blogger.  Recently the academic blog there has been getting more attention than the creative side of things, but opening a new door has a way of changing the status quo.

The goal here will be to write a new post each week.  Commentary, literature, academics, social-goodness, and writing are the topics, but don’t hold your breath for any BRAND NEW POEMS.  If I publish any poems, they will be added after an appropriate amount of time, maybe…  We’ll see what the consensus is.

At any rate, welcome to the new home, cheers!