Firsts. Makes one think of, say, First Kiss, First Date… etc. This is my First Blog. Mostly I think an outlet of thinking for myself. I think much better when I write my thoughts down. So why make these thoughts available to everyone and their brother? This is somewhere I can place all the crap I write. I do not mean ‘the whole lot of stuff’ I write, but ‘the whole lot of worthless stuff’ that I write. Most writers publish only between 5% and 10% of what streams out of their pens onto their paper. I myself have only published three items, all poems, and all in school literature magazines. (two in college, one in high school)
The question remains, however. Why self publish embarrassingly poor items?

Much more thought is needed on this one. In the meantime, I hold no aspirations, no delusions of grandeur forthcoming for this enterprise. I just think maybe someone will see something in my writing I miss, and give me a promising idea to further a story or poem or critique along. I hope for honest and sound criticism, although that may be a far and away senseless hope. I hope that the audience that finds this will help me make my writing far and away better than I would be able to on my own. A hope for self-improvement. Maybe that is one reason.

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