Fear and Loathing, pt deux

So, at the end, you are wondering where the American Dream has got itself to. I’m left thinking, thirty-five years later, and drunk, and not responsible, the same thing. My thing is more like this, however:

Was there any such thing as the American Dream? Did it ever exist, or was it just a fascination with an entire generation. That generation was basically split in half. Who supported the war, and who did not. How do I fit in to that version of history? Everything is complex now, every issue is crowded by slippery morray eels. How do you escape their electro-gnawing grasp? Ignorance is becoming the true bliss in this over-hyped, over-spun, bull-crap world.

Biggest example:
Now, you can support the troops (the GI’s the Marines, the Sailors, etc.) without supporting the government that sends them wherever the fuck it wants.

I do not vote based on party lines. People have to decide which issues are important to them, and vote that way. I am fairly conservative Constitutionaly, however, I see very bad things in the future of a populace that votes according to religion. The entire existance of this country is based on freedom (and seperation) of religion from government.

enough soap-boxing, I’m going to bed.