You Are a Fool

You Are a Fool
For Eric Only

you are a fool to consider me beautiful
-Billy Collins, Nightclub

I stood you up.
Flowers and smiles
entered my mind
when you did.
So I stood you up.

You, aspiring poet,
could not neglect
the Laureate’s talk
(how could you?)
so you went alone.

You went alone,
hoped I would show,
late, or call.
When you checked
email, it was there,
patient, the message:

I felt things change between us (at least on my end)

I stood you up,
despite connection
and potential.
Ache was too close,
still, and I had not
told you, and you
could not know.

I called you,
from Paris, to thank
you for the birthday
letter, and I am glad
you did not answer.

I am glad, the ache
is too close, and I
stood you up.

One Reply to “You Are a Fool”

  1. Wow. I loved this. Scared of being hurt again . . . losing a sense of control . . . I stood you up,despite connectionand potential.Ache was too close,still, and I had nottold you, and youcould not know.This was my favorite. You could taste the potential of the relationship but it sucks to even think about it. Been there.

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