Well, don’t know how many of you read Salon, but I found this interesting article on the current state of masculinity in men of my generation. Big interesting ideas from

there is a super-abundance of attractive, intelligent young women whom a man is very unlikely to be worthy of, who nevertheless set a higher value on him than he sets on them. This makes any sort of decision very difficult.”

To ideas concerning sex, the purposes of dating, and other reasons for the apparent apathy of the close-to-thirty-ish men have for women, and by extension, for life in general. There are also some suggested cures for this coming plague, such as:

“men whom I’ve known and dated. They haven’t had things they loved, or even things they really cared about …
[Interrupting] Women shouldn’t have sex with these guys! As a whole, you should go on some sort of a sexual strike against just such men.”

I have not really formed an opinion on all of this yet, but the article is enlightening, and I can see myself (or myselves of the past) having some of those attributes. So what does this mean for me, now, in my life?

Must Contemplate.

Salon Article
by Rebecca Traister