So, I have stuffed a (very)well-paying job down the tubes to follow my talent.

Am I doing the right thing?

I’m posting here because I don’t remember the p/w to my other existentialist crisis blog. So.

I’m also getting married in two (2) weeks. We bought the dress for my fiance today, and to be honest, she looks beautiful in it; even though I’m upset the custom dress didn’t work out (and I mean the seams were all f’d up, the zipper was crooked, and it was not at all flattering), this one is pretty damned good off the rack.

Have I written anything lately?

No. I am recovering. I just finished my BA in English after 140 years, and frankly, I’m tired. I have a paper to write still, but the wedding is taking priority; I also don’t have a summer job yet. But I know something will come up. If nothing else, I’ll deliver pizza or Chinese food, fml. But, starting this fall, I have an assistanship for graduate school. Full tuition and a stipend, nothing to laugh at. So I have to figure out something for this summer so we can afford the apartment and damned bills for the wedding.

I’m broke and not loving it.

I feel like I should take the time and write some poetry. I’m getting to that point. Course, I’m a poet, so that’s my natural inclination, but it also is work for me since I take it too seriously. So I don’t want to do it.

I think I’ll work on my paper this week in between applying for jobs, and post it to my VIRB blog, since that’s where all of it has gone in the last coupla years.

Since I am a poet, and this is a blog, how about a poem to finish off here?

Roses are red, Violence is blue,
We’ve bought a dress, and my honey looks good.

I am broke, so’s my card,
here’s to the times, never looked hard.

But here I am, can’t work and can’t play,
money is tight, and though I can say

I’m in love, it doesn’t get far
with the down payment for a new car.