What do the WikiLeaks Hunt, TSA Screenings, and DNS Seizures have in Common?

It is a small question, really.

These issues have each been in the headlines recently, especially online.  The problem is that they have not been linked by common characteristics.  For example, the stories often run in entirely separate sections of news sites, newspapers, or even entirely different websites altogether.  What do I see as common characteristics?

1 – Each of these things upsets the public.

Even those who agree with the actions have to justify their agreement.  For those interested in privacy issues, individual rights, and information reform, each provides additional impetus to be pissed.

2 – Popular media coverage.

Or should it be called lack thereof.  Local news, at least in my area, does not condone to address national issues of importance such as these, and instead takes the safe approach of local high school sports, and the crappy traffic.

Similarly, Large Cable Media Outlets (you know who they are [btw – isn’t it interesting how many people leave their home pages set at default?]), are so mired in opinion editorial work that they cannot extricate themselves.  Even for issues which rile both the Left- and Right-wing constituents.

3 – An erosion of…

well, everything.  What is that well-known quote about liberty and security?  “Those who would give up their liberty to ensure their security end with neither?”  I have a poor memory, but the public would do well to think on it.

In addition to things like liberty and security, the checks and balances system of government we have relied upon for so long in the United States has seen a terrible few decades.  I will avoid trying to make generalizations here.  But again, every citizen should be thinking about these issues.