Update to Writing Outside of Tone

Just a quick note that while I did not quite hit the humorous mark (although there were some humorous lines), I did manage to extend my subject matter.  And I do feel as if I was able to bring my tone down to a more conversational level, which is something I have been [not pursuing] lately.

On another note, it was another slightly longer poem for me.  Ended up longer than a page, which is longer than I have been writing on average.

On an entirely separate subject, I was looking over some of my previous poems from the past ten years or so, and I have about 3 that I am willing to send out to contests/journals/whatever.  Three is not nearly enough to fill a chapbook, and I am kinda worried about this.

The good part of this realization is that I have grown tremendously as a writer in the 4 short months (so far) of my MFA program, and that I now hold myself to unattainable standards.  I guess that is more a mixed part than strictly ‘good.’