You know, I was going to comment in the comments for this article, but HuffPo wants me to sign in with google or facebook or twitter, and I don’t really feel comfortable doing that, so here is my response to this article:

You know, I thought about applying to Cardiff, but the program is only 1 year. Decided more time to slog through both teaching and writing offered an opportunit­y to get my head straight. US schools it was. Ending up with 21 credits (that’s a year+) of literature courses, 15 credits of workshop courses, 18 credits of thesis/col­loquium and 3 credits of teaching university compositio­n.

Also, having edited a couple of lit mags, I can tell you that I at least don’t know your name, or possibly the name you’re dropping, and either way don’t read your bio until after I have decided on the poem. I don’t ever really care who gets snubbed, but you better be sending in some good poems.

In the end I’ve found that reading a lot helps develop the ear, but it’s the writing a lot that develops the voice. Endless writing – critical and creative.

I wanted to leave this where I thought the author might see it, and maybe he’ll see it here…