What are We Doing Here?

Why you’re here, at this blog, is up to you to decide… How you got here, why you’re reading, and everything else in relation to you sitting there reading this you have to answer for yourself.

Why I’m here is another story. I am using this space to keep track of my thoughts, ideas, inspirations, and everything else that I go through in the process of writing my MFA thesis in poetry. So that’s my motivation.

The question, though, has another angle, one that humanity has been asking since it first uttered a meaningful noise. What are WE doing here? In the great, giant, universal, metaphysical sense. The point, maybe, is not to answer the question, but to offer – well, I don’t know, that’s part of this whole journey. I do know, that since I began reading beyond the Hardy Boys, that the universe – Universe – has held some great attraction for me. For the lack of a better way to explain it right now. Again, part of this journey.

I’m not sure what you will get out of these posts. I hope to organize my thoughts, come to some realization about what I’m getting set to do, hone my conception of poetry as it relates, and possibly offer some interesting writing in the process.

I hope, if you join me on this quest, you gain some sort of something out of it, too.

– Eric

PS – If you’re not interested, take a look at my more general-interest blog at Poetic Idealism.