Some Reflection on the Past Year

In 2012, I took a bunch of poems from my time in ODU’s MFA program and created a thesis out of them. I dropped a bunch of them, and wrote a bunch of new ones. And though the thesis is still a work in process, it’s largely complete for the project of graduation.

But there are also a lot more things I’m proud of from the last year…

In 2012, I:

  • Organized a proposal and submitted it for AWP 2013, and it was accepted.
  • That proposal was about service programs as a part of the MFA, and I organized the ODU Writers in Community program in the Spring. We had a lot of successful events, and WinC is continuing to do great things in the Hampton Roads area.
  • I TA’d for a creative writing class, and both learned a lot about teaching and revealed some things about writing to students.
  • I had my two year wedding anniversary.
  • I attended the Juniper Writing Institute.
  • 2 poems accepted.
  • Wrote a bunch of stuff: papers, poems, blog posts, proposals, cover letters, etc.