A Rocky Start, pt 2

Part I

So where do things go from here? What kind of action does one take, to express one’s immediate and overwhelming feelings? Do you just blurt out all of the impressions and pour a heartful of blood out onto the table through slit elbows, or do you hold it in until some point later where you can look on things from a more logical perspective (as Spock would say)?

In my experience, I have always been blind-sided. By that I mean, love (or infatuation, I guess) is always sudden, surprising, and (this is important) reciprocated. And in this case it was not immediate, or surprising, or (maybe) reciprocated. So What To Do?

Take things slowly. Hang out, build a good friendship, and see where things go. I have not tried this approach before, and I must say I was very nervous about doing it that way.


3 Replies to “A Rocky Start, pt 2”

  1. Eric – your though process seems very organized and thought out. Personally I’m one who can’t keep ANYTHING in and have to express everything I’m feeling. If I love someone, I don’t get the whole “I’m going to wait until they tell me first,” bull that many people do. I’ve been hurt many times before – and life goes on. But I like your insight. I like learning how ment think about stuff like this. I can’t wait to read more.

  2. I cannot say most guys think like this, just me. And it’s not that I was awaiting her undiing devotion, just a hint of interest in that direction, which did not happen until later. But I’ll get to that.Eric

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