Unbearable Lightness

Very… Different. The narrator breaks in with philosophizing all the time. It seems like the book would only be half as long if not for it. A story (in my opinion) should not need that much explanation, but it could just be the de facto style in former soviet bloc countries. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but if it breaks in with the same things, it might be unbearable. (heh heh)

I saw Episode 3 again last night. Second time. The first time was in a kind of shitty theater, but this time I saw it in all the digital surround, stadium seating, huge screen glory. Plus the place was empty. I try to make a point of avoiding big movies on their release weekend unless I can make it by 2 or 3, because the crowds always suck. I liked it, again, and I think it’s the best of the new ones put out. Of course, none of them match up to the originals, in all their original, low-tech glory. There’s just nothing like real explosions of real models in real environments. I loved them. Also, the dialogue seems to have been written for minors in the new ones, and the acting in Ep.3 leaves some things to be desired. Yes, it’s grandiose and epic, but that should not dictate the quality of acting. Every line seems almost contrived, and the pauses between character interaction is almost inexcusable. Ahh, Mr. George…. What have you done?

I am currently looking for a job. Part-time (25-30 hours/week), flexible enough for school, and something to keep me busy enough to prevent me from falling asleep. If anyone knows of a position, drop me a line.


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  1. I couldn’t stand Episode 3. Granted I’d have to agree with you though. . . it isbetter than the other two but the acting in Ep. 3 severely lacked. Anyway I wish I had a job for you buddy but unfortunatly I can’t help you . . . . unless you want to be my personal shopper? 😛

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