Experiment, Redux pt 3

Had one beer tonight after work with dinner. Now, granted, dinner wasn’t until 10:45 tonight, but that is just one factor that comes with working in a restaraunt. Speaking of which, there are follies attached to working in a neighborhood one, even a nice one. I won’t go into those now, but let’s just say it’s frustrating.

Anyways, I was going to work on some of those poems, but I am exhausted. So I’m going to bed. Early, I know… But I was up until 2 last night, and got up at 8 this morning. Oh, something interesting about getting up this morning: I had this dream right before I woke up. I don’t really remember it, but I do remember thrashing about in bed like I was having a seizure. That’s what woke me up. I think I was fighting my mattress. Seriously, I think I was trying to kill it. I should really write these things down when they happen, so I remember the dream. I know it was pretty crazy, and that’s about it.

Anyone out there good with dreams? I have this recurring one I’d like input on. Recurring as in once, maybe twice a year for the last ten or so years. Maybe even longer.

Time for Bed!