Notes on Day 2 of Experiment, Redux

Woke up early to write my paper due today. Managed three pages in an hour. Luckily it was just an essay, and not a research paper. Took The Dog for a good two mile walk and about ten minutes of leash free running this morning, too. And not a sip of alcohol today.

I also learned in my Poetry Class why I tend to write in trochees rather than iambs: I grew up with them. I have three names and a surname. My first name, Eric scans thusly:


This is also true for my two middle names. I’ve been saying “dum-da dum-da dum-da dum” for nigh-on 30 years now. Huh. I’ve been wondering why it’s hard for me to create the iambic foot rather than the trochaic one even though I’ve done this exercise before. It just never dawned on me.

At any rate, I also corrected my mistake in the Keep On notes where I called the trochees ‘iambs’.

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  1. Sweetheart! I’m so proud of you 🙂 Apologies for not calling you last night – I had a little drama I had to take care of. I am truly sorry I didn’t call you. What are you doing tonight? tomorrow? let’s go watch a movie. Whaddya think?I’ll call you. Again, I’m so proud of you hun. You’re doing a great thing.

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