The Experiment, Redux

My day one in the experiment of self control is deemed a success. No alcohol, and less than one pack of cig’s consumed. However, I was still awake until 0330.
Today, my goal is the same, with a slight improvement in sleeping hours. Let’s say, 0200.

The overall goal of this is to break my bad habit of drinking too much every night. This habit has cost me a drop in my grades, as well as a couple of problems at work. Realizing this, I want to break that cycle (which would eventually put me in the same position I was when I went into the military) and get my motivation back on track. I also want to get back in control of my bad habits. I really enjoy going out, hanging out with friends, and meeting new people. But the cycle right now is hurting my goals, short and long term.

Goals, Short-Term:
– Get back in control of myself
– Earn good grades this semester
– Regain control of my finances
– Begin exercising again

Goals, Mid-Term:
Get accepted into UVA as a Junior for BA in English, Creative Writing (apps due Feb)
Graduate, on the Dean’s List, with my AA in Liberal Arts next Spring
– Find Housing and a job in Charlottesville, VA over the summer

Goals, Long-Term:
– Graduate in High standing from UVA, continue on there in the MFA program
– Write a bestselling novel
– Teach University level
– Continue Writing Throughout