Ha Ha! I’m Back!

Over the past year, most of my posts appeared either here or here. But now, I think, it is time to return to Poetic Idealism.

I would like to revisit the purpose behind Poetic Idealism. As I write on the about page,

 criticism, reflection, and etc. about reading and writing poetry; sometimes social commentary creeps in; and every once in a while, I’ll post a (or part of a) poem here

and I think that covers the major purposes. Maybe I’ll begin posting rants here…

Being I am coming back to this after quite a bit of growth–there are posts going all the way back to 2005 and my old blogger site on here–you might suspect I would go back to delete some of them, especially the poorly written ones from the beginning. But I’m not going to.

I believe, after all, that writers grow through practice. If I were to delete all of my poorly written posts, I would be both hypocritical and cynical. I called this place Poetic Idealism though, and I did so for a reason. That reason has a lot to do with what I just wrote: Writers grow through practice. If you browse through the posts here and on the other blogs linked above, I’m sure you’ll notice that evolution. It is not a bad thing to grow as a writer, but a good thing.

It is also a good thing to admit that I have grown, to be able to show others that I have grown, both to remember embarrassingly humble beginnings, but also to show that it is possible to improve.

I have never achieved a regular readership here or on my other blogs, but I think it would not be inappropriate to say that those who have read have gotten something back.

I hope, with my return to regular blogging, that I will begin to see some of you coming back regularly to read. I hope that if you enjoy something you find here, you will share it with others using the sharing buttons at the bottom of each post.