What I have Missed

Right now, I am missing my books. They are all boxed up, you see. So all of the listings under “Upcoming Reviews and Reflections” are on hold. At least most of them are. I do have a couple of those with me. Strike that, I have none of those with me. But I do have the following books, which I’ll be adding to the list:

The other collection I have kept out of storage is Kim Addonizio‘s what is this thing called love, which I reflected on here, and which probably says a lot about this collection. I think I might add more to that piece, as well.

The other thing I have missed is my office. I have a temporary solution set up, but let me tell you how different it is typing on a laptop vs. typing on a good writing keyboard. I miss my desktop. Hopefully that will be resolved this week.

I missed telling you beautiful readers that I am working as a part-time adjunct instructor at my local community college for Introduction to Literature and College Comp II. That just started this September, but I haven’t been fired yet, so that’s good. I missed telling you about the three months of doing odd-jobs for family and friends and random Craigslist people who needed help moving or mowing or painting or whatever. I missed telling you about the inanity of finding a full time position that cannot begin until background checks are done and the company wanting me to list them as a current employer.

I missed telling you about writing the NaNoWriMo this year. That’s a link to my profile there, if you want to friend me…

I missed telling you a lot of other things, too. We’ll see what I feel like conveying about those things in the near future.